translated from Spanish: Piñera handed down defense by constitutional charge: «It implies a banization of this instrument»

President Sebastián Piñera on Wednesday delivered his defense against the constitutional accusation he brought against him opposition parliamentarians. All this, based on allegations of human rights violations in the context of the social crisis in the country since 18 October. The Representative is represented by the lawyer Juan Domingo Acosta, and the document invokes the «previous question», stating that «the accusation is not admissible». With this, as Codicladed in the delivery, it adds that «of the multiple tools of control that the Chamber of Deputies has, the constitutional indictment is the most exceptional of all. It is a resource that must be used restrictively, reserving it only for cases where all legal and political avenues for resolving conflicts have been exhausted. Using the Constitutional Indictment, in this scenario, implies a banization of this instrument and could mean a serious attack on the governance of the country, crippling the attention of the high command.» On the other hand, they add that the constitutional indictment «seriously violates due process, for re-establishing facts that have not yet been established and for making vague allegations. (…) The guarantee of due process requires that the allegations be accurate and that they constitute personal acts of the accused». «In this case, the allegations made to the President of the Republic are generic and vague, and are based on facts and circumstances that are still being investigated and have not been accredited by the courts of justice,» he adds. In this regard, it also replies that «the accusers have also not accompanied sufficient history to approach an accreditation», and that «they refer to the ‘alleged’ or ‘possible’ facts, giving account of the fragility of their background and that they are still missing establish judicial truth.»

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