translated from Spanish: The best profiles will be defined for the president of the ECHR: Araceli Saucedo

Morelia, Michoacán.- In the definition of the holder of the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR), the Parliamentary Group of the Party of the Democratic Revolution in the LXXIV Legislature in the State Congress, will support the best profiles that they appeared this day before the United Commissions, on the basis of their trajectory, knowledge and proposals, to be part of the subject to the plenary, said the coordinator of the perredist bench, Araceli Saucedo Reyes in a statement.
After the hearings, the Member, who is a member of the Committee on Justice, said that from the PRD bench the best determination will be made to give the Michoacans a strengthened ECHR, so that it provides effective results for the population.
At the conclusion of this stage of the appearances, he considered, there are elements to dictate and to make the selection of the profiles that will make up the terna; «this process has been developed in a transparent and open manner, attached to the law».
«Now it is up to us to define in United Commissions, who move on to the next phase and rule, for the plenary of Congress to decide, so in United Commissions we must decide.»
The applicants had the opportunity to present on an equal footing, as well as in a timely manner, so that they have elements to make an analysis and evaluation of their proposals that each presented.
«We have sufficient elements to assess the preparation and experience of applicants, as well as their knowledge of human rights.»
Araceli Saucedo pointed out that the hearings were done in a public and open manner, a process in which both legislators and interested parties had the opportunity to know the proposals of each applicant.
The PRD Parliamentary Group will seek to have Michoacán have a strengthened body, so that it will do its part to bring the best profiles to the plenary for the defence of human rights.
 Finally, he noted «we already have the necessary tools to be able to formulate the proposal that we will present as United Commissions to the plenary of Congress, which will be responsible for making the final determination»

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