translated from Spanish: Without yet a date to submit to the chair of the Commission on Human Rights

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The United Commissions on Human Rights and Justica have not yet set the date for delivering the final of the three best profiles to be chaired by the State Commission on Human Rights (ECHR).
This will after the conclusion of the appearances of 21 candidates for office, since the chair of the Commission on Human Rights, Terá Mora Covarrubias, will report that the member Members would define this day, the best procedure for assessing the Candidates.
Despite the above, the Member of the Labour Party, said that each member will present a subject to personal criticism, to verify the coincidences of names.
Among the review parameters for the hearings that took place this day are the mastery of the subject matter, experience and clarity of their position in the ECHR. The rating of each topic varies from 4 to 1, however it will only be taken into account as guidance for each legislator to choose their own terna.
Pending the Local Congress Political Coordination Board, defining a second session for the current week, the chairperson of the Commission mentioned that she hopes to bring the final to the final either as soon as possible, taking into account that the period of the current Ombudsman , Víctor Serrato Lozano, concludes next Sunday 08.

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