translated from Spanish: Babo, vocalist of Santa Cartel, is called a network sexist

Babo, the vocalist of the group Cartel de Santa, posts his version of A Rapist on Your Way, and after doing so, he is criticized on social media and they call him a sexist. Many people don’t think the parody of the subject and make it known publicly. The protest lyrics of A Rapist on Your Way are performed by male voices and the video features several women who are disguised as nurses and are sexualized.

The Santa Poster leader shares the content on his Instagram account and immediately achieves over a million likes. And internet users tell him everything from sexist commentary and others to support the rapper. Some people let him know that his attempt at parody is in very bad taste.
They’re going to make you a nice fart»; «I know you’re going to say that the Babo is worth it to stop following a mortal like me. But no, I can’t see this kind of mockery.» «Let a public person taunt. More having a daughter.»

Another user points out that A rapist in your path is a protest song that represents all the suffering that the woman has experienced, and for that reason, should not be used as a meme. It’s not funny at all.
This Babo is cancelled since he did not accept Yuya’s «No»; «How i shit that most times, people with a lot of influence and followers take these kinds of attitudes against Feminism.»

The song, which points to the state as «a male rapist» went viral and several cities and countries have replicated the performance in protest to the violence experienced by women around the world. Cartel de Santa is a Mexican hip hop group created in Santa Catarina, Nuevo León.  According to information in his biography, the group began working in 1996 under different names and members before taking their final name and lineup.

The group rose to fame in 2002, after unveiling their first Santa: Vol. I. The album included songs that became hits, including Assassin’s Killer, «Cannabis», La Pelotona, They All Die for Me and Dogs.

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