translated from Spanish: Congressional Finance Secretariat refuses to transparent information on resource use

Naomi Carmona
Morelia, Michoacán.- The LXXIV Legislature could be the first generation not to report quarterly on the use of public resources in the Congress of Michoacán, a result of the lack of information that the Ministry of Finance of the Legislative Power refuses to provide the Management and Control Committee.
This was disclosed by the chairperson of that committee, Yarabí Avila González, who has reported that since last year legislative coffers have been untransparent because of the lack of information, so the third financial report proved incomplete, just as the third financial report proved incomplete, just as the third financial report proved incomplete, just as the the fourth report, however, has not even taken turns to the plenary, even though it has already been made to the chairmanship of the Board of Directors.
Regarding 2019, only the first quarterly report has been able to be made, and from April onwards nothing is known about the financial state of the Michoacán Congress.

«This could be the first legislature to have not filed any quarterly reports,» the Priist warned.

Yarabí Avila detailed that among the requests for information made by the committee that chairs are the elaboration of a zero base budget, wage policies, a list of payroll, that is, to publicize how many people are working in Parliament michoacano, who they are, what activities they do and how much they are paid.
Information on the outcome of the Higher Audit investigations are also unknown for the same reason: the Congressional Finance Secretariat refuses to provide information.

«We will continue to move forward with the preparation of the reports noting that we have no information, that we cannot give an opinion on the use and management of resources in Congress, it is not washing our hands in the Committee is simply doing the job to where it allows us the information we have.»

Therefore, the congresswoman said that payments, aguinaldos and benefits by the end of 2019 are not insured, as there is total ignorance of the Administration Committee on the Finances of the Legislature.

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