translated from Spanish: Dana Hermosilla told the causes of the love break with Camila Recabarren

A few days ago Camila Recabarren confirmed the love break with Dana Hermosilla and the latter handed over details about the causes that triggered the term. In a conversation with Red Carpet, Hermosilla detailed that «I feel that change is constant, even though it may fall into a cliché of laughing, there is no denying that we seek stability, and know everything that is coming; uncertainty is something that not everyone knows how to deal with.» In that sense things have not been easy lately, as there are bigger changes than we are used to in our lives and it has obviously affected us, but I don’t think the fact that it’s not going exactly as we thought , it’s necessarily a bad thing, I think something even better can come out of this than we had,» he said. In addition, Hermosilla recounted how the conversation was that both had to come to make this decision and argued «in the conversations we do not always agree and above all we do not always interpret what happens in the same way, and that leads us to live stages in the relationship in which you have to make an extra effort to make the add-on perfect, sometimes it is not even possible to fix everything in a conversation, you appreciate the time and even the distance to see things in the best possible way and finally get to the point at q or we’re both happy.» «Things are intense, there is a lot of uncertainty, there is much to talk about, that organizing, that healing, there is also distance, but there is also hope, there is emotion, history, humility, union and above all love. I’m fine, because I always keep the good and Go looking for the best,» Dana concluded.

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