translated from Spanish: Social Unity rejects the Government’s «repressive agenda» and calls for curbing its processing

With 127 votes in favour, 7 against and 13 abstentions, the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday passed the anti-saqueous and anti-barrel bill. Then, with 33 votes in favor, 2 against and 2 abstentions, the Senate generally approved the government’s initiative on Wednesday night.
The initiative provides for sanctions of up to five years for those who, using a public demonstration or meeting, «take part violently and actively in a fact constituting public disorder».
The project is moving forward and today the Social Unity table rejected its approval, which they called the «Government Repressive Agenda».
Through a public statement, Social Unity assured «the project penalizes with prison the following forms of manifestation:
Work stoppages in certain economic activities that disrupt public services
The right to self-defense in the face of police repression
Disruption of traffic of people or vehicles
Land sockets, buildings and all forms of territorial vindication
In addition, it directly punishes those who have chosen to organize together with others, establishing more serious penalties in case any of the facts are committed by participants of «a group and organization of two or more persons intended to commit the facts» already mentioned.
The organization further accuses that opposition parties, and in particular parliament, still do not understand the scale of the crisis and still do not take charge of the outbreak and social demand.
«It is not understood that having been told that they rejected the legislative agenda and the projects of a government that has less than 10% approval, they will continue to vote and worse approve their projects in this case those that tend to criminalize protest and social organization. In fact, they give oxygen to a government that systematically violates human rights,» they added.
In this regard, they noted that they understood the approval of this project as a «continuation of the declaration of war on the peoples made by Sebastian Piñera. We defend our right to protest, to civil disobedience, and as they establish international conventions, our right to strike as a human right.»
Finally, they called for rejecting this «repressive agenda and curbing its processing facilitated by the government, the right and part of the ‘opposition».
«We also call for remaining mobilized, not to give in to the Government’s terror policies and to promote the popular initiative of the Sovereign, Joint and Plurinational Constituent Assembly and the Social Agenda of Urgent Transformations that we have put on the table. We organize ourselves against the impunity of the real criminals who are responsible materially and politically responsible for the systematic violation of HRDs, demand trial and punishment, reparation to the victims and immediate release of the more than a thousand political prisoners and prisoners of Chile that he awoke», they concluded.

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