translated from Spanish: The Farm will file lawsuits for neighbours who resulted in eye trauma

The mayor of La Granja, Felipe Delpin, announced that he will present legal actions against all those who are responsible following the violent events that were triggered on December 2nd in the Yungay Population and that he left two neighbors co n eye trauma, among other injured persons. The violent events were triggered after a group of neighbors performed the performance of ‘A Rapist on Your Way’. Carabineros personnel from the Substation of Parque Brasil intervened at the site, launching tear-gas, Balinese and pellets at attendees. After the action, 19-year-old Cristopher Araya was injured, who was hit by Balinese in his right eye and arm. However, concerned about the situation, Mayor Felipe Delpin paid a visit to the neighbors of the Yungay population, noting on the ground the violence evidenced by perdigones on the frontis of the houses, neighbors with fractures and two victims of trauma Eye. At the site he detected that there was a new victim, identified as Daniel Muñoz (22), who was hit by one ball in his left eye and another in his mouth, losing two dental parts.» Here one says that the protocols were not complied with, it went off at the body and that’s very clear. I spoke to Carabineros and the eldest said, ‘Look mayor, we protect our Carabinieri and our barracks’ and I replied that ‘I protect my people and I will protect them with legal action.’ So, we talk to people about human rights and we’re going to present everything in court, because we can’t allow human rights to continue to be violated,» said Delpin.La Municipality of La Granja has already started the investigation process. «We met with the victims and witnesses to gather information about what happened on December 2nd in the Yungay population and we are systematizing it, because the mayor has asked us to take legal action on criminal matters so that the Responsibilities of the people who did these damages to our neighbors in Yungay,» said Luis Acevedo, lawyer and legal adviser to the Municipality of La Granja.Daniel, 22, assured that after the impacts he lost consciousness. «I felt a dick in my ear, I didn’t hear anything and I didn’t realize that a ball had reached me in my eye. I ran and then vanished, I don’t remember when the other Balinese came to me in the body. All I know is that I woke up at Barros Luco Hospital,» said the young man, who also received balinese on both shoulders, on his neck and another on his back, three of them still lodged in his body. As Daniel explained, they could only remove half the ball in his eye, which is why he could eventually lose his vision. «I have to take care of my eye, because maybe I can lose it. It all depends on how it evolves,» the affected young man said, adding that «this is appalling, I see it as being killed, the man shot to kill. It gives anger and sorrow, because it was a peaceful demonstration, there were girls dancing and Carabineros began to repress people,» she cried.

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