translated from Spanish: 43% of Brazilians say they ‘never’ trust Bolsonaro’s statements

Forty-three percent of Brazilians say they «never» trust brazil’s president’s statements, the far-right jairist Jair Bolsonaro, while 37% admit that they only «sometimes» trust what the head of State, according to a survey released this Saturday.
Only 19% of Brazilians always claim to trust the representative’s statements, according to the survey conducted by the firm Datafolha, which heard between Thursday and Friday 2,948 people in 176 different municipalities for a survey that, he says, has a margin of error of two percentage points.
The survey was commissioned by the newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo, one of the most influential in the country and which has become the target of the attacks of the leader of the far-right in Brazil and captain of the Army reserve for his critical information to the Government.
According to a study conducted by the newspaper and published last November, during his first ten months of tenure, which began on January 1, Bolsonaro gave a false or inaccurate statement every four days.
Among the controversial statements is one in which the ruler accused militants of non-governmental organizations of being responsible for the fires that devoured the Amazon in August and last September and which had a wide impact on the World.
Although during last year’s election campaign the reserve military practically limited his statements to social media posts, since he took office he has been doing so weekly in a live stream on Facebook and the last few months almost every day every time he leaves the presidential residence.
According to the Datafolha survey, 28% of Brazilians believe that Bolsonaro «never» behaves as he should be considering his position and another 25% believe that he behaves appropriately «in the minority of times».
Only 14% believe that the head of state «always» behaves appropriately to the office he holds and 28% who do so «in most cases».
Nearly a year after her coming to power, Bolsanaro maintains his offensive against the press and threatens to suffocate her economically.
Uncomfortable with publications questioning him or one of his children, the representative has embarked on a crusade especially against the folha de Sao Paulo newspaper.
Bolsonaro suggested a boycott of Folha de Sao Paulo’s advertisers and came to threaten to exclude the headline of a government tender for digital media subscription.
The president also signed this year a decree that eliminated the obligation of open-ended companies to publish their financial statements in newspapers, a measure that, as the president himself suggested, could compromise the finances of some newspapers as an important source of income.

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