translated from Spanish: Crowded concentration to fire Macri

Argentina.- Thousands of people approached Casa Rosada on Saturday to dismiss outgoing President Mauricio Macri, who delivered an emotional speech in which he guaranteed «constructive opposition» and shed some tears.» This heart is more of yours than mine,» he said gratefully as he began speaking after the national anthem is performed.

Regarding the arrival of the new president, Alberto Fernández, Macri sought to reassure the attendees.» It makes me even sadder to see that many of you are distressed about what’s coming,» he said. «We don’t have to be distressed; it will be a further step of learning, of growth towards that future that we all desire… We’re all here together and that’s how it’s going to be.» The crowd aired the president in an act that was characterized by the closeness of the people. Macri, 60, came over to greet his followers, took pictures with them and let himself be loved in what is likely to be his last massive act at the helm of the country. The president gave himself a symbolic embrace from the stage, expressing his affection for the audience, and at the end of the act he shed some tears.

Mauricio Macri. Source: AP

«I want to tell the president-elect that he can trust,» Macri said. «You will find constructive and non-destructive opposition,» an opposition that will defend democracy «and our freedoms.» He also acknowledged that his economic management did not come out of his mouth. He argues that the crisis that deepened during his four-year tenure has bottomed out and the foundations are laid to reverse the situation, but admitted that his economic measures did not arrive in time.
These years were much more difficult than I imagined,» confessed the representative, whose exercise was marked by the poor results in this area. «We leave higher inflation.»

The picture is very unauspicious after Macri’s government concludes with a recessionable economy, which is expected to fall by about 3% this year, an estimated inflation of 55% at the end of 2019 and a poverty of more than 35% that has led to an increase in social discontent and constant street protests. One of the biggest problems is, in addition to the price hike, the renegotiation of the payment of debt securities with creditors and a million-dollar loan with the Monetary Fund Internacional.La a demonstration of support for Macri took place three days before the transfer of command to the peronist Fernández, winner with more than 48% of the votes of the elections of October 27 together with the former staff Cristina Fernández de Kirchner (2007-2015), who will now be vice president. The crowd chanted «Argentina, Argentina!», «Mauritius, Mauritius!», «yes you can, you can!» and «we want you to prey!» in relation to the pending trial of Fernandez de Kirchner for alleged corruption.

Casa Rosada. Source: AP

«See you later, press,» read on several posters, while some of the participants said,» «We came to fire the best president,» defending his honesty and kindness. Close to Macri they promoted mobilization for days on social networks with the intention of positioning him as leader of the main opposition force, which generates some internal resistance in that alliance of several parties. Macri was politically emboldened after seeing that his defeat to Fernandez was not so forceful, according to some polls. The Conservative leader got just over 40% of the vote, an eight-point difference from the Peronist, when it was noted that the difference could be 15, and that gave him oxygen to promote his opposition landmark image, even though he will not hold any position by popular election.

«We are more together and engaged than ever, without fear, with strength. We are here for the Republic, for us and for our children. This is just beginning!» #7DYoVoy — Mauricio Macri (@mauriciomacri)
December 7, 2019

His farewell from power included a vindication of his management thursday on national radio and television, in which he said his government ordered «the foundations of our economy.» 95% of the IMF loan is used to pay off past debts, the other part is in the Central Bank’s reserves,» he said. «We left $20 billion more at Central than we got.» Meanwhile, Macri plans to broadcast on Sunday on social media the video «Momentos», which will be a mixture of interviews and his reflections on various topics affecting Argentina.

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