translated from Spanish: Five people go dead from ammonia poisoning after pipe overturning

The Union, Guerrero.- This Saturday the Warrior authorities confirmed that the overturning of a pipe that moved ammonia, which had a 40-ton leak of this chemical, happened in the territory of this municipality of La Unión and added that at the time they add five deaths from poisoning due to this event and 21 injured, including the driver of the unit, according to the information obtained by this means.
On this day, the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán reported in a bulletin that the fifth death was given in a Michoacan hospital, where the victim was transferred when wounded: «The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE) carried out proceedings in relation to the death of a male person while receiving medical care in a nosocomium in this city.
«The multidisciplinary team went to a private nosocomio, where Daniel V., 27, died as a result of poisoning caused by inhalation of ammonia gases; at the site, a 28-year-old woman, so far unidentified, also receives medical care for poisoning.
«The victims were channeled from a nosocomio of the municipality of Múgica to this city, so the Regional Prosecutor’s Office performs the respective investigative acts to establish if there is a relationship with the mishap recorded last night on the 21st century Highway, in a stretch of the state of Guerrero.»
In that wording, it was learned that the event was at kilometre 248 near the collection booth in the town of Feliciano, located in this demarcation of La Union. Police sources detailed that the rugged pipe is owned by the company SIMSA, dedicated to the transport of various materials and based in Torreón, Coahuila.
Local government enables hostel
In addition, the government of La Unión, headed by the mayor, Crescencio Reyes Torres, enabled a shelter in the Miramar area for the people who were evacuated and came to be housed 60 of them. Also the building detailed before the press that the towns that were evicted by the contingency are: San Diego, La Compuerta, El Aguila, Cajoncitos, Barranca and La Garita.
Michoacán supports Guerrero
Similarly, the government of Michoacán today disclosed that it supports in the cleaning of the Guerrilla relief corporations: «The Secretariat of Government of Michoacán, through the State Coordination of Civil Protection in joint work with the Secretariat of Public Safety and Guerrero’s instances continue the attention and cleanliness of the Highway Siglo XXI after the accident where the ammonia leak was recorded.
«At the break of 08:00 hours the cleaning and attention work continues at Km 265, so the rod ala from the shed of Las Cañas to that of Feliciano remains closed. During the friday night and early morning of this day, the relief corps have worked in the area.
«Clean-up and care in the area will continue for the next few hours in order to reopen the reeling space. The population is repeated to remain alert and communicate to 9-1-1 any event.»

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