translated from Spanish: Giraffe of which a dog befriended dies

JOHANNESBURG (AP) — A giraffe calf who befriended a dog after being abandoned in the wild has died, an animal orphanage reported on Friday. «Our team is heartbroken,» the institution said. The Jazz giraffe suffered a brain haemorrhage, The Rhino orphanage said in a message on Facebook. «The last two days before we lost her, Jazz looked unstable on her paws and obnoulized, as if she didn’t record anything,» she said. «Suddenly he collapsed and we saw blood build up in his eyes.»

The watchdog Hunter, apparently aware that something was wrong, stood by the giraffe and was there when he died, the orphanage said. The dog remained in front of the empty room before going to seek comfort with his caregivers. People had foreseen this, assuming that the mother had abandoned the calf for some reason, Anne Deventer, the founder of the orphanage, told The Associated Press.» We finally know that Jazz didn’t have a bad mother who abandoned him,» the statement says. «She knew it. but we have to work (to help) every time, no matter how hard it is.» The newborn baby had arrived at the orphanage a few weeks earlier. A farmer found him in the countryside, weak and dehydrated, and asked the institution for help. At his farewell, the orphanage said, «You have taught us so much in the last three weeks and we will remember you fondly.» He was buried near the orphanage, van Deventer said.

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