translated from Spanish: Indian police kills gunfire without thinking of alleged rapists and murderers

The four suspected perpetrators of the rape and murder of a young veterinarian in southern India They were shot dead on Friday while in police custody at the scene where the woman’s body was found a week ago, in a case that triggered strong protests.
Police took the defendants this morning to the scene where the crime was committed in a remote area of the city of Hyderabad as part of the investigation process when, while allegedly trying to escape, they were shot, according to the police version.
The four men were killed in the same campsite under a bridge where they allegedly burned the body of the young veterinarian on 27 November, an officer from the Hyderabad Police control room reported, requesting anonymity.
Police took the defendants to the scene where the crime was committed and claims to have shot them when they tried to escape
The detainees died before medical services arrived at the scene, the source concluded.
The deceased were accused of gang rape and killing a 26-year-old veterinarian, who was deceived before committing the crime.
First he got the wheels of his motorcycle punctured and then, while pretending to help her repair it, they forcibly dragged her to a place where she was gang-raped and suffocated, then burn your body with gasoline.

Original source in Spanish

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