translated from Spanish: Morelia Police and SSP announces decembrin security strategy

Morelia, Michoacán.- As part of the morelia Police’s close coordination with the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), a working meeting was held for joint task planning to inhibit crime-like behaviors and administrative faults, during the time of decembrina in the Capital of Michoacana.
At the facilities of the State Center for Command, Communications, Computation, Control, Coordination and Intelligence (C5i), the Citizen Security Commissioner, Julisa Suárez Bucio, agreed with the Chief of Staff of the SSP, Javier Ocampo García, representing of the Secretary of Security, Israel Patrón Reyes, various strategies to reduce the theft of vehicles, to passers-by, as well as in commercial establishments and banks, in the municipality.
During the meeting, a cross-site of information and intelligence products was established for the integration of a map to review and improve the operability in various areas of the city, in order to efficient the surveillance routes as well as attention Emergency.

Ocampo García stressed the importance of sharing information on the daily actions of corporations, since the principle of transparency is met to achieve effective strategies to combat criminal behavior.
«There will be transparency in the flow of information here, and we will set up an upcoming meeting for the review of results. That’s where we’re going to be able to measure and face the challenges and feed back,» said Ocampo García.
The responsible for the safety of the Morelianos, stated that within the joint actions with the Michoacán Police, there is also the prevention of car accidents with fatal consequences due to drivers in a state of intoxication, for which reason breathalyzer operatives are expected at various points.

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