translated from Spanish: The «Blue COP», with a special focus on the oceans, advances in Madrid

«There is a very important link between ocean and climate and we need to address it and take urgent action: the ocean absorbs almost 30% of all CO2 emitted and 90% of the additional heat caused by climate change. The ocean is suffering devastating consequences that we must urgently address,» explained COP25 President Carolina Schmidt.The Special Report on the Ocean and the Changing Climate of the Intergovernmental Panel on Change (IPCC) noted that oceans are suffering from climate change and are at the same time a key element in climate change regulation. Among the most palpable consequences of these changes that affect them are rising sea temperatures, acidification and oxygen loss. With this background in hand, the Chilean government promoted the science-based Ocean Solutions Platform. «It will be a website that we are currently scheduled for launch in June 2020 and will contain a repository of key scientific resources with the aim of guiding Parties in their climate policy-making,» explained the Environment Minister of Chile.Chile called for Blue COP to be built between all countries and countries have committed to generate greater dialogue to integrate the link between ocean and climate under the Convention. Since cop25 began, a number of ocean events have been held where the European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, Moana Pacific Ocean and Chile have excelled with the programming of their pavilions. On Wednesday 11 there will be a closing event of the Blue COP in the Pavilion of Chile.

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