translated from Spanish: They have 27 support buses, 10 extensions and 106 stations for this Sunday

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications will implement a plan to facilitate the mobility of people and planning their trips during this Sunday 08 December. There will be 27 buses to support Metro distributed in 3 services and 10 extensions of services, all this to facilitate the transfer of users mainly in the communes of Puente Alto, Pudahuel and Maipú.This Saturday the peak of buses in operation reached 3,552 , equivalent to 102% operation on a normal day. To these were added the 27 support buses that operated in the Metro stations distributed in 3 services and 10 extensions. Below is the transport plan for this weekend week:1.- METRO:Metro de Santiago will have its 7 partially operational lines and 106 stations enabled of the 136 that it has in service. The hours of operation will be as follows: Sunday 08 December: from 08:00 to 21:00Line 1 between Pajaritos and Los Dominicos (Neptuno and San Pablo are not available) with the Baquedano and Santa Lucia stations closed and without train stop. Line 2 between La Cisterna and Vespucio Norte: with service in El Parrón, Lo Ovalle, Ciudad del Niño, Lo Vial, San Miguel, El Llano, Franklin, Rondizzoni, Parque O’Higgins, Toesca, Santa Ana L2, Cal and Canto, Patronato, Cerro Blanco, Cemeteries, Einstein, Dorsal and Zapadores. Only departamental is closed.Line 3: with service in Los Libertadores, Vivaceta, Conchalí, Plaza Chacabuco, Hospitals, Cal and Canto, Plaza de Armas L3, Universidad de Chile L3, Matta, Irarrázaval L3, Monsignor Eyzaguirre, Auñoa, Chile Spain, Villa Frei, Plaza Egaña and Fernando Castillo Velasco. Cardinal Caro and Parque Almagro are kept closed.Line 4 between Puente Alto and Tobalaba Square: with arrest at Christopher Columbus, Francisco Bilbao, Príncipe de Gales, Simón Bolívar, Plaza Egaña, Los Orientales, Greece, Los Presidentes, Quilín, Vicuña Mackenna, Vicente Valdés, Sotero del Río, Las Mercedes and Plaza de Puente Alto. Macul, Rojas magallanes, trinidad, San José la Estrella, Los Quillayes, Elisa Correa and Protectora de la Infancia are kept closed.Line 4a between Vicuña Mackenna and La Cisterna with arrest only in Santa Rosa.Line 5 between Pudahuel and Vicente Valdés: with arrests in Lo Prado, Blanqueado, Grotto de Lourdes, Quinta Normal, Santa Ana, Plaza de Armas, Bellas Artes, Parque Bustamante, Santa Isabel, Irarrázaval, Uble (Available only to combine), Rodrigo de Araya, Carlos Valdovinos, Camino Agrícola, San Joaquin, Mirador and Bellavista La Florida.Line 6: with the stations Cerrillos, Lo Valledor, Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Franklin L6, Uble (Available only to combine), National Stadium, Uñoa, Inés de Suárez and Los Leones.The combinations that will be available are: University of Chile, between Line 1 and Line 3. Lions, between Line 1 and Line 6. Tobalaba, between Line 1 and Line 4. Cal and Canto, between Line 2 and Line 3. Santa Ana, between Line 2 and Line 5. Franklin, between Line 2 and Line 6. Uñoa, between Line 3 and Line 6. Irarrázaval, between Line 3 and Line 5. Plaza Egaña, between Line 4 and Line 3. Plaza de Armas, between Line 5 and Line 3. The Heroes (Line 1 and Line 2) and in ‘uble (Line 5 and Line 6) passengers cannot enter or leave the station, just make combination.2.- EFE:On Sunday, Metrotren will operate from 08:00 to 21:00 from both directions. Metrotren Rancagua will start its operations on Sunday at 09:00 and the last departure of the train from Alameda to Rancagua at 20:00 and from Rancagua to Santiago at 19:00.Merval will start on Sunday its services at 09:05 from Puerto station and 08:00 from Limache. The last service will run at 21:12 from Puerto station and at 20:06 from LimacheThe Alameda – Chillán service will depart Santiago south at 07:25 and from Chillán at 06:10. Meanwhile, the last service from Alameda to the south will be at 15:30 and 14 hours from Chillán to Santiago on Sunday.3.- BUSES:For this Sunday 08 December, the transport plan contemplates frequency reinforcements given the increase in registered demand compared to the previous weekend. The start of bus operations will take place from 5:30 with all the usual weekend services. Regular service tours, support for Metro and other extensions, depending on the schedule of the day, will operate until the close of Metro operations, while the usual services will have the last dispatches at 21:00 making their last departures to from that hour until the end of their tours. With regard to support buses, there will be 27 additional buses to reinforce the operation that will be distributed in 3 services that will allow users of the communes of Puente Alto, Pudahuel and Maipú to have more transport alternatives in the sections where it is not yet Metro worked. If more supports are required due to increased crowding, more bus services will be activated. During the day, the schedules indicated above will be evaluated and will be informed if there are any changes in the closing hours of operations.4.- EXCLUSIVE EJES: The Gran Avenida, Alameda-Providencia-Apoquindo, Independencia, Santa Rosa, Recoleta and Vicuña Mackenna are kept as exclusive for public transport, with the aim of ensuring the expedited transfer of people. In this way, private vehicles will not be able to use the exclusive roads and must look for alternative streets.5.- RURAL AND INTERURBANOS BUSES:For proper operation and safety of drivers and users, the guard for the urban and intercity bus terminals. The operating hours of these venues will be:Terminal San Borja: 5:30 am to 00:00 hrs. Alameda Tur Bus Terminal: 6:00 am to 1:30 amTerminal Alameda Pullman Bus: 7:00 am to 21:00 pmTerminal South: 04:30 am to 1:15 amTerrapuerto Los Héroes: 7:00 am to 22.00 pm (Time subject to confirmation of services).6.- TAXIS AND TAXIS COLLECTIVES:As in previous days , and thanks to the commitment of the leaders of the union and responsible for collective taxi lines, the services will be maintained on a regular basis, with extensions to the center of Santiago and even Metro stations that are enabled. This is mainly in the communes of Maipú and Puente Alto.7.- LOAD NETWORK:The last cadastre indicates that 83% of the surface charging points will be operational.8.- UOCT:132 traffic lights are recorded damaged and turned off. The special plan is maintained in the devices in order to speed up traffic on the main roads through which public transport transits.

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