translated from Spanish: Implement care recovery plan at various hospitals across the country

Georgina Fuentes and Cristian Allende, are two of the 15 patients who were operated this Saturday at Eloísa Díaz Hospital in Florida, as part of the plan to recover the cares that were postponed as a result of the contingency occurred after October 18th last.» I have kidney damage and I was dializo, and because of the social problem I could not attend my surgery, since there were barricades in my population and problems to mobilize, so I waited a month,» says Cristián Allende, who underwent vascular surgery and was visited by the Under-Secretary of Assistance Networks, Arturo Zúñiga.The Florida Hospital is one of the establishments at the country level where contingency plans have been implemented ranging from: time extension in the operation of hospitals during the week, enabling wards on Saturdays, medical operations, among other measures.» Three weeks ago we declared a Health Alert to give hospital managers more flexibility so they can take measures like the one we’re seeing on the ground this Saturday, where there are 15 patients who are going to have surgeries between 8 and 14 hours. This is done to respond to those surgeries and cares that could not be performed these six weeks, it also includes opening the hospital from Monday to Friday in extended hours to be able to make more specialty consultations and be able to deliver the medicines,» he explained the undersecretary. In this regard, the director of Eloísa Díaz Hospital of Florida, Magdalena Galarce, noted that «in addition to the pavilions that we have running on Saturdays, we have open the pharmacy for all users who have to withdraw their medicines and our bank of Blood. This Saturday we are operating patients of traumatology, vascular surgery and general surgery.» For his part, the head of the Management Division of the Healthcare Network of the Ministry of Health, Rubén Gennero, argued that this initiative to recover the effort being made to reduce seniority waiting lists and in patients by surgeries non-Auge cancerism is very relevant and will seek to replicate in more hospitals in the country. Among the venues that are managing some of these initiatives are the hospitals of: Iquique, Chillán and Carmen de Maipú.

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