translated from Spanish: Prosecutor Abbott: «The Criminal Justice System is not responsible for maintaining public order»

«Many times the Public Prosecutor’s Office does not accompany us,» said this week the undersecretary of the Interior, Rodrigo Ubilla, criticizing the act of prosecutor’s office after the social outburst, in relation to the lack of evidence collect to bring charges in public order-related offences and damage to public and private property.
Today, national prosecutor Jorge Abbott came out in the wake of criticism and responded by stating that «the criminal justice system is not responsible for maintaining public order.» In an interview with La Tercera, the lawyer stated that «if there are institutions that have worked, they are the criminal prosecution system as a whole and that is recognized by the Justice Minister himself.» «The criminal justice system is not responsible for maintaining public order or resolving a crisis that is political and social,» he added.
The public speaker noted that «it is not for us to be transferred responsibility for solving problems that fall within the responsibility of other state institutions.» In the same vein, Abbott said his job as a national prosecutor «is not to please the political world.»
Eventually, Abbott referred to criticism of the non-constitution of prosecutors in various places, where he explained that «believing that prosecutors have to be at the event sites to order people to be arrested is not understanding anything.»

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