translated from Spanish: They take the owner of the Renacimiento event hall, in Morelia, the life of the renaissance event hall

Morelia, Michoacán.- The owner of the Renaissance event hall, located in the Morelian colony Expansion Manantiales, was shot dead there by unknown subjects who immediately escaped aboard a black vehicle, indicated contacts close to the law enforcement authorities.
The above was recorded around 23:00 hours of yesterday Saturday, in the aforementioned address located in the street Manantial de Agua Fría, just in front of the street Manantial de Aguas Termales.
It was also known that the now extinct answered the name of Artemio, approximately 40 years old, who lay within the aforementioned building, a few meters from the main door.
According to the sources, the now offended drove a white car, in which he had reached the aforementioned property, but at one point some embods approached him and shot him, then fled.
The motive for murder is an unknown. The facts were subsequently reported to the number of emergencies 911, thus some police men learned, who went to the aforementioned address and cordoned off, because on the floor they detected percussive shell casings, apparently of the caliber .45 millimetres.
Minutes later, the agents and experts of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrived, the same as those who undertook the corresponding investigations and eventually took the body to the morgue for the practice of rigor necropsy.

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