translated from Spanish: Users prove with evidence that Calderón is behind «Tumbaburros»

Through social networks multiple users have confirmed that in a long time it was handled, the former president Felipe Calderón is the one who is behind the attacks on the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
After the TV Azteca reporter accused reporters that the journalists had been attacked, what he claimed were «bot farms» of the Federal Government; committed Mexico’s president to conduct an investigation into bots on social media.
This morning the report was delivered and it was confirmed that there are bots in networks, but they are not «sponsored» by the Government of Mexico, nor by MORENA; in this analysis carried out by the owner of the Information and Technology Linkage Unit of the Ministry of Security and Citizen Protection pointed out the criticisms towards journalists were made by real users:
The number of users was 28 thousand, with a reach of almost 35 million mentions.
74.27% were real users
25.73% were bots
«The research carried out by the Government of Mexico, shows as results that the accounts of bot attacks are associated with the automated account @tumbaburross, and other nodes associated with Luis Calderón Zavala (son of Felipe Calderón), Aurelio Nuño Mayer and Juan Carlos Romero Hicks».
Upon the news, which several of us knew, former President Felipe Calderón and Margarita Zavala came out in defense of their son, Luis Felipe Calderón, and asked the federal representative not to «use his son» to cover up his failure.
«If (Lopez Obrador) has something with me, mess with me, but not with the children, because he’s slandering him by exposing it.»
Margarita Zavala said: «Mr. López Obrador to hide your failure do not use my son. Take responsibility»
However, the networks showed that what was said in the morning is true, because they immediately uploaded screenshots, in which Felipe Calderón himself posed with a gorra of Tumbaburros, anti-AMLO «influencer» that was mentioned at the conference.

You tell Azucena they’re a collective. You manage the page you, Jesús Rendón.Participate the children of Romero Hicks and lead Susana Martinez de Vasquez, digital coordinator of @Mzavalagc since 2014.@CarlosLoret @Navegaciones @tatclouthier @BeatrizGMuller @tatclouthier
— Pati … Bot again ? (@Patinegrete) August 21, 2018

Fatheal’s iron defence to burstes is now more understood
We always knew the bots were yours!!!!
— Liz Liz Liz (@wheel_liz) November 4, 2019

— Gibrán Ramírez Reyes? (@gibranrr) November 4, 2019

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