translated from Spanish: With a win Chile’s Benjamín Hites closed his 2019 Top Race Series in Argentina

With a spectacular triumph, The Chilean Benjamín Hites (Fiat-Pfening Competition) closed the 2019 season in the Argentine Top Tace Series Motor Championship that was played at the 9 de Julio autodrome in Buenos Aires. The 20-year-old won the final date of the contest by making an excellent presentation, beating the new champion Bruno Boccanera on track and climbing to fourth place in the overall ranking. This is Benjamin Hites’ second win in Argentina in a competitively successful year, adding two second places, a third and a fourth, and two fifth positions, which placed him in the fourth place of the Top Race’s overall ranking Series with 142 points, despite absenting to two dates. As a champion he finished for the second time the trasanino Bruno Boccanera with 199, who in 2017 scored his first star.» I am very happy to close the 2019 season with a difficult triumph at the racetrack July 9. From start to finish it was a very intense race where the result went on to devise a good strategy to take care of the tires, but with our mind set on the triumph, what we got with my coach and binomial Fabián Flaqué, who in the first final left the car in the third Location,» the fiat and Pfening Competition driver said after the podium.The triumph was built from final 1 (25 minutes) when the Hites binomial, Argentine Fabián Flaqué (champion 2015), departed from the fourth position to deliver Fiat in third place. From there, Vitacura carried out the planning carried out with his partner to withstand the 45 minutes plus 1 turn in the Fina 2. From there Hites began a strategic race for the tires to withstand the abrasiveness of the 4,616-meter track and the 35-degree temperature outside the car.» It was very difficult to carry a good running rhythm for the rubbers to withstand the 45 minutes on the track. There were several who busted the tyres, but eventually primed the strategy to finish winning and reaching fourth place in the rankings despite not running on two dates. This triumph adds to that of the last date of the North American Ferrari Challenge Championship in Mugello (Italy). It was a great year of growth in everything», said Benjamin Hites.With this successful performance, Benjamin closes the 2019 season with the runner-up of the North American Ferrari Challenge (7 wins) and fourth place in the Top Race Series ranking (2 wins). In a couple of weeks, the driver will define what his future will be in international motorsport.

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