translated from Spanish: AMLO defends ambassador to Argentina: ‘Has a clean track record’

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador defended Mexico’s ambassador to Argentina, Scar Ricardo Valero Recio Becerra, after a video about the abduction of a book was released and said that it would be the Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE) that decides on the case.
At his morning press conference, he said Ricardo Valero will be quoted at the Chancellery «and there he will give his version, he will be listened to with great respect. It’s your right, I’m talking about a personality.»
The weekend circulated on social media a video in which Valero is seen hiding a book and leaving an Argentine bookstore. Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard reported that Valero was called to Mexico to explain the facts.

Diplomatic scandal: the video showing how Mexico’s ambassador to Argentina steals a book in an iconic bookstore
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He stressed that the ambassador «a person with a clean track record in foreign policy, it is important to know, is a career diplomat, a man with a lot of culture», who was undersecretary of foreign affairs and coordinator of the parliamentary group of the PRD.
«He is a very close people to Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, especially in regard to foreign policy, an older man and that is why it was decided that he would represent us in Argentina, for his career, he is a top internationalist,» he added, highlighting the diplomat’s experience.
However, he noted that «this unfortunate case is given, the Chancellery is attending to see what it is, that there are no political public lynchings, so I give the background, that the matter is dealt with in its dimension and that the dignity of people is not affected or destroyed.»
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