translated from Spanish: Andrea Dellacasa spoke of the attempted rape she suffered while walking from the Metro to her home

Andrea Dellacasa was present on the program Podemos Hablar, where she addressed the attempted rape she suffered when she was 24. It all happened on the way from the Military School Metro station to your home. “I was tried to rape myself by leaving Metro Military School. One day, at 10:30 at night, they grabbed me from behind, threw me into some bushes there, and, thank God, I started screaming and the janitor came out of a building that helped me and called the police,” he said. With it, he added that “the person ran away. We didn’t find her. But to this day, when I walk and someone comes running from behind it’s like, insintelligentively, everything goes up on me.” He even said that the “only person I told him at the time was my brother and I went to Argentina. My parents didn’t know why that sudden decision. I decided to stay with them, feel love and keep it inside me.” “I tried, with a little shame, even though I didn’t even go with a miniskirt, in winter, I wasn’t dressed provocatively or anything. But when you feel violent about a being that could possess you, you actually feel very insignificant. Sooner or later things come back,” he added. And speaking about how he lived time after what happened, he assured that “one tends to blame himself, but, let’s see… I decided to erase it from my mind, take it out and move on. (…) Usually abusers, within a family, are people you can’t even imagine, and there are many more than we imagine. I invite parents to look a little more at the children. They are sometimes very focused on work, on money, on maintaining economic stability and forget to look at their children, which really happens to them,” he recalled.

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