translated from Spanish: As part of International Human Rights Day, PS launches «No Right» campaign

As part of the commemoration of the International Day of Human Rights, the Socialist Party launched the «No Right» campaign, which aims to «claim and reflect on its unrestricted respect, more even after state institutions ran an noon over the rights of thousands of Chileans in the context of the social demonstrations initiated on October 18,» as noted by the community.
The campaign was designed by publicist Kiko Carcavilla and featured the work of photographer Renato del Valle. The communication deployment includes graphic pieces such as photographs disseminated through social networks. In addition, the «testimonies of some of the people who were first-person victims of human rights violations during the demonstrations» will be disseminated from the party.
Alvaro Elizalde, President of the PS, said that «we reiterate with this campaign our commitment to unrestricted respect for human rights in our country, because unfortunately we see witnesses of violations of HRDs that have occurred within the framework of the social outburst. Something we thought was part of the past is being part of the present.»
«Here we are not just talking about statistics, but about people, women and men of all ages, who have seen their rights violated and who have been victims of repressive violence that is unacceptable. That is why we have pointed out that all responsibilities, criminal and political, need to be determined,» added the socialist helmsman.
On the occasion, in addition to the helmsman of the PS, three of the protagonists of the initiative were present: Diego Foppiano, Anna Karina Beytía and Iván López; Vice President and Senator Isabel Allende; Secretary-General, Andrés Santander; The vice-president of the Woman, Karina Delfino; the president of the Socialist Youth, Deputy Juan Santana; senator and vice president of the Senate, Alfonso de Urresti; the head of the Deputies’ Bank, Manuel Monsalve; Mps Leonardo Soto, Raúl Leiva and Marcelo Schilling, and the mayors of El Bosque, Sadi Melo; Long Street, Nelson Venegas; and Lota, Mauricio Velasquez, among others.

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