translated from Spanish: Economy Minister Announced Launch of «Anti-Abuse Agenda»

Economy Minister Lucas Palacios announced that the government this week will unveil a so-called «anti-abuse» agenda.
In conversation with Channel 13, Palacios explained that this initiative will focus on three points: pursuing crimes called «neck and tie, having greater transparency and reducing the debts of families, eliminating the so-called «small letter».
The economy holder noted that «in Chile families are having a hard time because they are suffocated by over-indebtedness and there are a number of measures that can be taken to avoid this situation.»
Deputy Jaime Naranjo (PS), stated of the announcement that «hopefully through that legislation, with the modifications that we can make to it in Congress, a reality will be made, because the Chileans need and demand is that we all be equal before the law against which any abuse we commit,» Radio Cooperativa reports.
Likewise, Hernán Calderón, president of the Chilean National Consumerand users corporation (Conadecus), explained that «collusion and violations of free competition are currently considered crimes, they are not violations. I don’t know if they’re going to increase the sentences, but today it’s a crime.»
Finally, he ruled that interlocking, or conflict of interest, «in-depth», is necessary, a point that has already been requested by Conadecus.

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