translated from Spanish: Gordon Campbell enlists his traditional Christmas concert

Master Gordon Campbell has his Christmas concert ready, which will take place tomorrow at 20:00 hours in the parish of the Holy Spirit, better known as the church of Father Cuco.From the venue where Bach’s music will delight the public, the conductor offered details for the newspaper EL DEBATE about this event where it will be accompanied by the Camerata Gordon Campbell, the Community Choir and some soloists.

Fundamental music
Having a religious venue as a space for a concert may be a bit strange for the audience, but the teacher shares that since the beginning of this traditional Christmas concert the father of the parish has opened the doors for them.
We are already several years old, at least five years with the Community Choir or initially participating with the Ossla. When we arrived at this church to play and sing we realized that the acoustics are very favorable. In other places there is too much echo for the sound or there are other places too small. Being a large church, it is the most beneficial acoustic commitment to what we want to achieve with this sacred music of the great composers. In addition, the priest has always been very kind to us, Father Luis has given us the possibility to, for a day, invade his altar and put a temple», says Campbell, who highlights the priest’s attention as hospitable. 

On the repertoire to be played tonight, the master titled it «The Best of Johann Sebastian Bach». Among the songs that will be heard is the summit piece Magnificat, as well as fragments of his Christmas Oratorio and one of his cantatas.

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