translated from Spanish: Neighbors of Alborada demand drinking water; manifest themost

Mazatlan.- With pieces of logs and cardboard, the neighbors of the Alborada split closed the passage, for cars and trucks of the settlement mentioned above today, this in order to protest, because they have more than a week without drinking water and the little cash they acquire they are using it to buy water and send the clothes to the laundry. The complaint
Norma Medina, the leader of the colony, commented that they have a water pump that has already more than a week not working, since that works with electric power and staff of the CFE and Jumapam, do not agree to solve the problem.

«Those in the light, they blame the water and vice versa, but while they are fighting, they are the ones who are affecting us, because we do not have water for the most indispensable thing that is to drink, we have to buy water and the economy is not really to be spending on something that is obligatory to have, because the payment receipts come to the order of the day, but there is no water,» he said. Neighbors positioned themselves at the entrance of the split and did not let the cars leave, also a row of urban trucks originated because they did not allow them to climb a passage. 

Raul Briones/EL DEBATE

«This is a place abandoned by authority, we don’t even show up on the map, they’ve stolen a child, they’ve gone into the houses and the authority doesn’t come and they turn us around nothing, and we’re not going to move from here until Jumapam comes and puts the water on us, we don’t want anyone, just the water ones,» Norma Medina said. It affects them in their pockets
The drivers of urban transport were upset, because they were losing money and passage, because of the mess that the neighbors of Alborada were making.
Boss this diminishes us, we have to work and they do not leave us, put the water on them and let us work, said one of the drivers affected. 

Officers of the Municipal Police arrived at the place, who tried to dialogue with the locals and also put them in reason to leave the demonstration, but these did not agree so it was after five hours that a Worker from Jumapam arrived at the place and told them that every effort would be done to restore the water, but he needed them to open the streets, so that he could enter with the trucks and work. «We are going to retire, for today also that he is only very strong, but if they do not fix things we will go to the Jumapam and there we will manifest ourselves, the truth is not tasted,» concluded Norma Medina.

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