translated from Spanish: President Piñera announced increased jail sentences for collusion and measures to protect consumers

While during the morning the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacio, delivered details of the initiative focuses on pursuing crimes called «neck and tie, having greater transparency and reducing the debts of families, eliminating called «small letter». The representative referred to the three most important points of the so-called «anti-abuse» agenda where he detailed that The First Pillar, indicated that it is to combat more severely the collusions and abuses in the markets, tax offences and the use of information Privileged. Where they will seek to strengthen the National Economic Prosecutor’s Office «with new tools to prevent, investigate, and denounce cartels and anti-competitive behavior, tools such as the lifting of banking secrecy and the protection of physical evidence or anti-competitive behaviour.» In conjunction with this, the Executive announced that they will seek to increase criminal penalties with effective imprisonment for collusion offences when the goods concerned are of the first need, such as medicines or food. Referring to the second pillar that seeks to strengthen the protection of consumer rights, which includes measures such as ending the fine letter in accession contracts, it sets out the terms and conditions of e-commerce and which are the sale of school texts, so that the proxys can access the most economical texts. The third pillar will focus on workers’ rights, including initiatives already present in the Social Agenda promoted by the Government, as an agenda will be sent within these days, including the modernization of the Labour Directorate «for the incorporation of digital technology to facilitate the relationship between workers, employers and the Directorate of Labour and the promotion of voluntary mediation between workers and employers by the Directorate of Labour, to facilitate agreements and conflict solutions.»

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