translated from Spanish: Walmart withdrew all 6 protection appeals filed against the State

After almost a month of filing 6 protection appeals against the State, Walmart Chile took the decision to withdraw such court filings. 
The US firm, which in Chile runs chains such as Líder, Express de Líder, SuperBodega a Cuenta and Central Mayorista, presented these resources on November 13, seeking greater security from the State to prevent or reduce the stings of those who were victimized after the social outburst of October 18.
This action led to criticism from the State Defense Council (CDE), which accused that «in the current context of events, it is a sign of the Holding Walmart’s low national empathy to request, by judicial means, a certain preference in the protection police of their commercial premises. Without an overall view and moving away from current police coordination, it calls for exceptional treatment with respect to the thousands of companies and individuals who have been economically affected by the current events,» La Tercera PM said.
«Given the country’s contingency, the company’s slaughties and ranhes and rans. As a company we are taking all necessary measures to give greater protection to our supermarkets, however the support of the authority and carabinieri has been and will continue to be fundamental to the situation we are going through,» the company said interview with Pulse.
From Walmart they added, in relation to the protection resources presented, that «it is important to specify that they sought the protection of the State to avoid further attacks and that they were due to a specific situation in which we had detected security risks for our premises, specifically in Arica and in some cities in the south of the country, in the context of announced demonstrations for these areas.»
«However, the facts that gave rise to the actions presented occurred mainly in the cities of Coronel and Arica, not so in the rest of the Southern cities mentioned in those resources. For this reason, Walmart Chile has decided not to persist in these resources,» they argue.

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