translated from Spanish: Zapata relatives will sue Fine Arts and Fabián Cháirez

Mexico.- Between interviews with the media, the grandson of Emiliano Zapata, named Jorge Zapata González claimed that he will sue the artist Fabián Cháirez and Bellas Artes for presenting the painting “La Revolución”, in which the military of the Revolution is seen Mexican naked, with heels and a pink hat mounted on a horse with an erection.

“What we come to exhibit is the donkey that they made to exhibit a photograph of our General in Fine Arts. An unknown painter who I think wants fame pulls out our gay general. As a family, as a people, where we are clearly Zapatistas, we will not allow that. We will sue both the painter and the in charge of Fine Arts for exposing the figure of our general in this way,” Zapata González declared.

The work to which Zapata’s grandson referred is to “La Revolución”, by Fabián Cháirez, which is part of the exhibition “Emiliano. Zapata after Zapata” that will be until February 16 at the Museum of the Palace of Fine Arts, of the National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature (INBAL).

“We are building the lawsuit, but for us, as a family, it is to denigrate the figure of our general by painting him gay. I have nothing against gays, I have many friends, I don’t know why in Fine Arts, such an important place for everyone, they went to expose the figure of our general in that way and we will not allow it,” he said.

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