translated from Spanish: Brunette has to set the example in budget cuts: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that Morena has to set an example on the issue of budget reduction for political parties.
The party that received the most resources this year was the National Regeneration Movement (Morena). By adding up federal and state spending, in 2019 it operated with 2.7 billion pesos.
During his morning conference, López Obrador said he hopes the initiative to reduce the money the parties will be approved on Tuesday.
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It stated that it was no longer up to the new reality that they had so much money.
López Obrador stated that parties have to help generate savings as it is «a state austerity plan, not just the executive or the federal government, it is state austerity, general.»
After mentioning that a reform initiative will be voted in Congress on Tuesday to reduce the amount of money they receive, the representative hoped that it will be approved, mainly by those in favor of the transformation, because «they should not be ducked».
López Obrador said that this budget can be reduced and asked the public to be on the lookout for those who vote against the party budget cut.
«Then in the campaigns and in the speech, in the writings, in the interviews, the leaders talk about democracy and the parties talk that there is a lot of spending, that privilege must end, but pure demagoguery,» he said.
The discussion on the need to adjust this budget regularly only contemplates what they receive at the federal level—4,965 million this year—and approved by the National Electoral Institute (INE) following the General Law on Political Parties, whose reform was passed in 2014 in Congress by all political parties.
After Morena, the match that received the most resources was the PAN with 1.719 million pesos and the PRI with 1.632 million.
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