translated from Spanish: Chileans abroad will be able to vote in entry plebiscite for a new Constitution

In a Cooperative Radio conversation, the president of the Board of Directors of the Servel, Patricio Santamaría, confirmed that Chileans abroad will be able to vote in the entry agreement for a new constitution, but their vote is not considered when choosing the members of a possible constituent conventionSantamaría stated that on the other hand, the figure of the anonymous whistleblower will be created, which will allow any citizen, “anonymously or with protected identity”, to report any collusion, as well as crimes in the public and private sectors. If a constituent convention has to be chosen there has to be legal reform and it is possible until July 25 to carry it out, because at this time, Chileans abroad can only vote in national plebiscites, in the presidential elections or in presidential primaries, but their vote is not considered in the case of constituent elections,” explained the chairman of the Servel.Al’s board of directors on the possibility of redistricting for the election of members of the committee Constituent and Santamaria stated that “before 2022, it is established in the faculties of the Board of Directors, to do more than a redistrictforement for the purposes of establishing the number of parliamentarians elected in each of the 28 districts that established the latest legal reform.” We are able to carry out (this redistricting) on the basis of the population of each of these districts, the communes that make up the districts, the respective regions, that is, on objective elements that will allow us the year 2022 or before, if this is determined in a legal reform, to be able to establish (this redistricting), so that there is as much representativeness as possible,” he concluded

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