translated from Spanish: Morena announces he will return 1,240 mdp by 2020

The ruling more party, Morena, announced that it will relinquish 1,240 million 458,596 pesos from its 2020 federal budget for the purpose of donating that money to the federal government.
The president of the Yeidckol Polevnsky party said that this amount represents 75% of the prerogatives that Morena receives, which she expects to go to the health sector. 
However, the party leadership did not announce any changes to the money it receives for prerogatives in the states. 
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Just as the budget for parties is divided nationally, there is also an amount that goes to the states, where the registered parties received 4 billion pesos this year.  
The political party that received the most resources this year was Morena. By adding up federal and state spending, in 2019 it operated with 2.704 million pesos, of which 1,089 million were for ordinary activities in the country’s entities.
The movement founded by Andrés Manuel López Obrador is actually going to pay back 45% of the public funding, not 75%, as its leader said, because it will give up 1,240 million pesos out of a total amount of 4,690.
It was followed by the PAN with 1.719 million pesos and the PRI with 1.632 million.
Other parties that have registration as national parties but also have a presence in the states were able to spend this year:
PRD: 710 million
PVEM: 649 million
PT: 580 million
Citizen Movement: 558 million
Political parties that only have local registrations were left with 3.8% of the 9.573 million pesos exchange that was given to political parties this year.
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