translated from Spanish: Sergio Báez bets on helping to make legislative work more productive

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it was reported that Sergio Báez Torres, deputy of the Parliamentary Fraction of the Morena party, is willing to bet on making a change in the behavior of the LXXIV Legislature and pay productivity at work this is due to the delay in Commission meetings and the recent suspension of the Ordinary Session of this day at the Congress of Michoacán.
The representative congressman of the 21st District with head office in Coalcomán called on his fellow deputies to leave behind the personal discussions that do not support the entity.

«We must all help so that the process the legislative work walks and does not stop by a confrontation that leads to nothing.»

While the brunette recognized the criticism in political discourse as part of the dynamic within Congress, he bet to always make respect and political civility prevail, so as not to invade personal spheres with disqualifications.

«The formation of Congress is a reflection of a political plurality that must be respected even if opinions are contrary.»

He therefore called on the authorities in the Executive Branch to apply the sanctions that mark the Organic Law, and with it generate a change in his colleagues, because he recalled that absences do not only occur during the Sessions in the Plenary , but also in the meetings of Commissions, a situation that stops the relief of the outstanding issues and the review and dictation of accumulated initiatives.

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