translated from Spanish: Today yes, I’m not going to talk, because I was forbidden to do it: Zinacantepec Regidora, Edomex

Zinacantepec, Mexico.- «I have been denied my right of reply, I was forbidden to post on my social networks what I do not like about the administration, which because I should change; limiting my freedom of expression, I was discriminated against by arguing that I do nothing, that I do not manage and that I do not work, that I am not originally from Zinacatepec, therefore they want to give my surrogate 50% of my budget ceiling; all this and more, in the Cabildo of November 28, 2019; reason why I had to come and make a silent, peaceful white presence distinguishing me because I’m not the same» published the fourth councilor of Zinacantepec, Iriana de la Vega on her Facebook account, which was presented with a patch in her mouth during the first report of a of its municipal president, Gerardo Nava Sánchez, who was also flagged for brunette in last year’s elections.
«Zinacatepec has enough regidora and we don’t need an understudy»
Within its publication the councillor of Morena stated that the municipal president «Nava» accused her of assaulting everyone, both public servants and citizens in her work as a councilor and community manager, so she also pointed out in her publication:
If anyone has proof of this please report me, he argued, De la Vega, but real evidence and not his videos chairos cut! don’t be complicit in my violence, attacks and denominations; this just happens by publishing that I get the feelings of the citizens who are upset and as I am and will always be on people’s side, I have to report our incompetence, it is not serious, I had to do it so that never, never listened to me.
A year from now, La Javiela has not been done, and it was the only thing I asked for justice in oblivion.
One thing that annoys me is that they say that women are very important, and there are pure men in the important administrative areas: Urban development, comptrollership, public services, public works, economic development, tourism, education, treasury, administration, social communication, civil protection, the city council secretariat, etc.
That we DO NOT CHOREEN, the woman only wants to be subjected, it gives me a lot of sadness, and it is nothing against the directors; I respect and recognize all the respects, the problem is the double discourse.
That was the way the Regidora of Zinacantepec, Edomex manifested itself, making clear its annoyance at the treatment it has received from the Moranist administration.

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