translated from Spanish: Urban artist Dasic Fernández leads 38,000 m2 work in Saudi Arabia

The colorful project, in which painters from different parts of Santiago participate and whose works focus on the world of graffiti, muralism and also lyricism, will be found in one of the most desért areas and will dye for a month the esplanade of the Ad Diriyah Season 2019 festival.
In regard to the work, Dasic comments «It is a proposal based on geometric figures where the main actor is the color composition. It is a kind of carefully organized shade sample, each color has a specific place and function, in some of the sectors of the festival responds to the specific program of that particular area. 8 8-color tones are part of this work called «Clock of Time».
Dasic, was inspired by several topics for the work, «I seek to respect the tradition of geometric patterns typical of the area, bringing them to the present day and mixing them with my personal work. The colors are the result of my palette added with the pastel tones of the area, which removes a little the saturation of the colors that I use regularly… just a little bit. As for drawing, I emphasized the transitions from one pattern to another, this because I wanted to leave a visual record in the work of the integration of the past and the present and also of the social and cultural transition that Saudi Arabia is going through at this time»

State of the art in Chile
A few years ago, the national artist, together with his team were in charge of ‘Paseo Bandera’, a project unpublished in Latin America in 2017 and inaugurated last year, which filled with color and successfully converted to Bandera Street, Santiago, into an artistic space. And that also allowed pedestrians to enjoy and appropriate an iconic urban point in the center of Santiago.
Regarding the current panorama of Chilean artists Dasic Fernández says that: «The artistic scene in Chile is deplorable, not by artists but because the Chilean elite is tremendously ignorant in art and culture issues and they are who, by resources, should be the culture consumers to support the arts scene in our country»
The Ad Diriyah festival, which began on November 22, consists of a month of sporting, musical, gastronomic and cultural events in the middle of the desert, in the so-called «cradle of modern Saudi Arabia». The festival takes place in the midst of a whole modernization plan of the country, which also seeks to position it as one of the most striking tourist destinations for its culture and environment, and where the Chilean artist was invited to star in this project that is will become a Guinness World Record as the largest plastic work in history.

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