translated from Spanish: Chadwick and review of the constitutional accusation against him: «With deep conviction I want to tell you that I am innocent»

On Wednesday, the indictment against former Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick Piñera, who is accused of failing to prevent the violation of human rights following the social outburst, will be voted in the Senate Chamber. Oy Martes began the review of the constitutional libelo where in the first instance the deputies that make up the commission of defense of the line, Marcos Ilabaca, Gabriel Silber and Gabriel Boric and the latter stated that «former minister Andrés Chadwick is responsible human rights violations, in his capacity as former interior minister, which have affected our country with a brutal intensity in these days of social awakening.» Also, during this afternoon, from 3 p.m., senators heard Chadwick’s lawyer Luis Hermosilla, who exposed the defense of the former Interior holder. Subsequently, the Members were entitled to reply and Hermosilla to rejoinder. Then former Secretary of State Andrés Chadwick had words in the courtroom to refer to the constitutional indictment where he stated that «I never imagined that my last intervention in the Senate would be to lead me on a constitutional indictment that I consider not only unjust, but it causes me a deep pain in the essence of my being and my integrity.» I regret the injured and the existence of cases of human dYD violation, as i also regret what happened to those who have been seriously damaged in their work activities. I regret and condon alike,» Chadwick added, the former minister addressed the senators present and stated that «I want to address this jury personally, and I only hope that beyond our obvious and legitimate political differences, you have been able to see in me a person who is correct, law-afored and who has always been willing to have a dialogue.» I am accused of having deliberately omission to facilitate human rights violations. With deep conviction I want to tell you that I am innocent,» he said. Chadwick concluded that «I do not ask you to support my decisions, but with great respect I only ask you and I dare to ask you to reflect in conscience, on the matter that has been committed to your consideration and beyond my person, the most relevant thing is that the Senate cum constitutional function with total freedom and autonomy.»

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