translated from Spanish: Robles calls for dismissing impeachment of ‘improper’ impeachment

Rosario Robles responded on Tuesday, December 10, to the Chamber of Deputies that the impeachment they initiated against him is “inappropriate” and violates the human right of presumption of innocence, so, through his defence, he requested the “dismissal” of the process, that is, that the legislators do not continue with the procedure. 
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If followed, the lawyers of the ex-worker warn that they would take legal action against the Members. “If they insist on continuing with the impeachment, they also incur legal and political responsibility, which will be asserted at the appropriate procedural time and before the competent national and international bodies. This, in addition to the patrimonial liability that the Mexican State may incur,” states the defense’s statement.
The former owner of the Sedesol and Sedatu faces legal proceedings over the scheme of alleged diversion of public resources through the mechanism known as The Master Scam. As a precautionary measure, Judge Felipe de Jesús Delgadillo imposed pre-trial detention on her, so she has been held in Santa Martha Acatitla since last August.
In parallel with this process, the Members of the current legislature approved the initiation of a political trial procedure against them. However, the ex-official maintains that it has “been riddled with inconsistencies, irregularities and procedural violations”.
This Tuesday the deadline for Robles to appear in this regard and did so through a letter submitted by their lawyers Epigmenio Mendieta, Julio Hernández Barros and Javier Sánchez Rojas, in which they requested “the withdrawal of the present political trial proceedings, arising from the notorious and manifest invalidity”.
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In the press release, the defence explains that the impeachment “lacks matter and object” because “it is materially impossible to impeach the prosecution since it does not currently hold any public office; furthermore, it was also already – unfairly and arbitrarily – disabled by the Secretariat of the Civil Service (last September)”.
The complaint for Robles to be brought to impeachment was brought by the MEP of Morena Tatiana Cloutier on 30 August, but although there were 127 outstanding complaints against other people who have not been prosecuted, “from good to first, all the necessary procedural impulse was started to impeach our representative expressly”, the defense claims.
Animal Political and Mexican Against Corruption and Impunity (MCCI) published the journalistic investigation The Master Scam in which it was shown that more than 3 billion public resources ended up in phantom companies after 11 units outsourced to 8 public universities to do so-called jobs that, in some cases, were not met.
Although units such as Pemex were involved, then directed by Emilio Lozoya; Banobras, by Alfredo del Mazo; Communications Secretariat, by Gerardo Esparza or SEP, by Emilio Chuayffet, among others, both the legal procedure, and disqualification and impeachment and impeachment have only been carried out against Rosario Robles, who then led the Sedesol, but the other officials have not been denounced in any instance.
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