translated from Spanish: Carabineros Ceo General Called special forces chief to retire

This day the managing general of Carabineros, Mario Rozas, announced a series of changes in the institution, including that the Special Forces unit (FF) would be abolished. EE), which depends on the Public Order Control Zone and during this afternoon called for the withdrawal of the head of the Public Order Control Zone, Jorge Avila, as part of a series of modifications to the High Command.A few minutes ago the head of the police institution called a revocation union of high command at the Escuela Carlos Ibáñez del Campo where more casualties were reported. Together with Avila, the director of Planning and Development, General Rodrigo Ramos; the head of the XII Zona Magellan and Chilean Antarctica, General Roberto Machuca; and the head of the I Zona Tarapacá, General Rodrigo Vicencio.In addition, four senior officers will be promoted to the rank of general: Colonels Luigi Lopresti, director of Police Intelligence; Juan Caneo, head of the III Zona Atacama; Sergio Telchi, head of the I Zona Tarapacá; and Alex Chavan, head of the 6th Liberating Zone Bernardo O’Higgins. So far this is the most significant change in the Rozas era, who assumed 11 months ago as head of the institution.

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