translated from Spanish: Itatí Cantoral performs ‘La Guadalupana’ and in networks make fun of it

Mexico.- Through social networks began to circulate the video in which the actress Itatí Cantoral sings a religious song called ‘La Guadalupana’ and on social networks do not stop the mockery for how badly she performed it.
Today is celebrated on the day of the Virgin of Guadeloupe, in honor of the image that has the most important And most cultured Catholic tradition in Mexico, and every year a different artist has the honor of interpreting this theme around television cameras and people who believe the virgin.
Unfortunately, Itatí Cantoral is not good at singing and that could be noticed in the first few seconds of the subject so several users on social networks started to mock and generate memes that have not given in so far.

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You’d better sing @cafetacvba’s ungrateful
— The Zebra Show (@ElShowDeLaCebr1) December 12, 2019

The Virgin of Guadalupe when she sees Itati Cantoral approach with a microphone in his hand
— La Grupa (@LaGrupaOficial) December 12, 2019

Now it sings Itatí Cantoral the mornings to the Virgin.
What nerves!!!
— It’s De Mexicanos ?? (@EsDmexicanos) December 12, 2019

I’m passed on the image of Itatí Cantoral vocalizing to sing tonight.
— Salvador Rivera (@ChavaRRivera) December 12, 2019

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