translated from Spanish: 28 companies benefited from “Incubation of Cooperatives 2019” program says Raúl Morón

Morelia, Michoacán.- Through a statement it has been reported that the Government of Morelia, carried out the closure of the program “Incubation of Cooperatives 2019”, through which 28 local companies benefited, with the formation of their project with the guidance of the Secretariat for Economic Development (SEFECO).

The owner of this unit, Gabriela Aguilar Molina, explained that consolidating the social economy of solidarity is an important way to strengthen the municipality in that area and applauded that of the 107 people who benefited, 75 percent are women.
During the development of this programme, productive options with a cooperative approach were planned, where the key elements were considered to legally constitute a cooperative society, through a process that consisted of face-to-face sessions of 11 modules of 10 hours each, 50 hours of practice for the execution and assembly of evidence folder of the learnings.

The characteristic of this project is that the counselors came once a week, from the month of May, to each place that designated the ventures, that is, in various colonies of the city of Morelia, from Villas del Pedregal to Punhuato.

The business hubs are very diverse: from carpentry, textiles and crafts, pastries, shopping, gazebos, holistic centers, to fresh chicken sales or environmental services and compost. The aim is to generate a fair, collaborative and local trade collaboration network.

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