translated from Spanish: Involve two former officials of Jaime Bonilla in a corruption network

Two Baja California government officials led by Jaime Bonilla would be involved in a corruption network whereby they allegedly charged million-dollar fees to entrepreneurs in exchange for contracts.
The officials allegedly involved are the former Secretary of Social Welfare of the State, Cinthya Gissel García Soberanes, and the former undersecretary of that unit, Rosendo Colorado.
The alleged network was discovered thanks to a conversation between the two characters Garcia Soberanes claimed Colorado for the lack of money from “donations”.
One of the talks between García Soberanes and Colorado is in the hands of the Zeta news portal. 
According to Colorado’s statement to the Secretariat of Honesty and the Civil Service, both talked about 20 million pesos that charged businessman Humberto Valdez García as a “moche,” with a commitment to “provide you with supply agreements for the making of school breakfasts” in Baja California elementary schools, as well as food for the state prison.
This conversation, according to Zeta, would also prove an alleged involvement of the Secretary General of Government, Amador Rodríguez Lozano.
A second bribe checked in this talk would be by the Blue Propane company for Cinthya Gissel Garcia.
According to Zeta, Blue Propane is a panista company in Sonora that has been questioned for opening small gas farms in the city of Tijuana despite not being allowed.
The deposit of the bribes would have been made through donations to the “Volunteering with Bonilla People Like You” program that supposedly served to provide school breakfasts and community support.
After this investigation was made known, the former candidate for the Baja California governorship, Jaime Martínez Veloz, reported to the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) the governor, Jaime Bonilla, for corruption and for alleged acts of corruption.
In an interview with Notimex, Martínez Veloz commented that in addition to these events, on September 27th they arrested the private secretary of García Soberanes, Einar André Hernández Garza in possession of 4 million pesos.
He further noted that the ex-operative, and the Senior Officer of the State Government, Jesús Núñez Camacho, received more than 25 million pesos from entrepreneurs.
Martínez Veloz denounced that as these facts have been documented corruption actions in the current government of Jaime Bonilla, as well as a persecution of those who do not support the decisions of the state representative.
“The government functions as a gangster gang that if they don’t support they get kicked out of the SAT I think this is showing the kind of government we assumed it was going to be.
“There has been a situation of pressure towards many groups that are not with the government where through blackmail, pressure, such decisions have created enormous social uncertainty,” he concluded.
With information from Zeta and Notimex.
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