translated from Spanish: The new taxes to be charged in CDMX in 2020

By 2020, Mexico City will have 238,975 million pesos for its units, mayors and autonomous agencies.
Of this total it is estimated that 102 billion 14 million 635 thousand 447 pesos will be allocated for the secretariats and deconcentrate bodies, while for the 16 mayors are estimated 43 thousand 717 million 783 thousand 860 pesos.
The Mexico City Congress plenary approved the 2020 economic package, which includes the Tax Code, the Revenue Act, and the Egress Budget of the country’s capital.
Approval of the 2020 Economic Package brings the collection of new taxes. Starting next year, the government, capital will impose tax burdens in several areas.
Alcohol tax
The CDMX administration seeks with this tax to discourage alcohol consumption excessively to prevent disease, addictions, traffic accidents and domestic violence.
It also wants to avoid financial pressures on health systems and declines in labor performance, productivity and potential economic growth.
According to the Income Act, from next year a rate of 4.5% will apply on the sale price of beverages with alcoholic content in closed packaging, although this tax will not apply to beer or mead, as well as to derived beverages such as pulque, only those beverages with a percentage of 3% to 55% alcohol.
There will be a change in the collection scheme in car tenure. The tenure applied in the city will be equal to that of the State of Mexico.
This will apply to private cars of up to 15 passengers and motorcycles whose model is post-2001, “going from a highly differentiated fare scheme to a single rate of 3% on the value of the vehicle”, the document states.
100% of the tenure allowance will be maintained for vehicles whose value on the invoice does not exceed 250 thousand pesos.
Betting games will be taxed at 10% on the amount of the bet placed by the player.
It was considered to modify the Tax on Lotteries, Raffias, Sweepstakes and Contests, which consists of locating the fee for those who organize raffles, lotteries, raffles and sweepstakes of all kinds, the document states.
By 2020, hotels and other businesses providing lodging services will have an increase in tax from 3% to 3.5%.
Also, the issue of applications is integrated, as hosting service intermediaries such as Airbnb or promoters will have to pay a 5% fee, 1.5% more than the rest of the hoteliers.
More than 5 billion cDMX approves 
Next year’s budget that does not include raising taxes on property or water supply is distributed in six strategic axes: a sustainable city, mobility, security, equal rights, science, innovation and transparency and culture.
The chair of the Committee on Budget and Public Account, Guadalupe Morales, said the 2020 budget represents nearly five billion pesos more than approved for the year ahead.
The local lawmaker detailed that it will be 101,497 million for the achievement of a sustainable city; 57 billion pesos to strengthen mobility; 36 billion pesos to ensure safety; 33 billion pesos for equal rights; 8.228 million pesos for science, innovation and transparency; and 1,397 million pesos for investment in culture.
The largest budget increase was the DIF, which was allocated an additional 100 million pesos. It will receive 2 thousand 596 million by 2020.
Only one agency had a decrease from What Sheinbaum proposed and it was the Electoral Institute of Mexico City, which increased from 1.425 million pesos to $275 million.
The opinion justified the cut to the agency because no electoral process will take place in 2020, although the consultation for the election of Citizen Participation Commissions will be held, as well as the Participatory Budget consultations 2020 and 2021.
The Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information, Personal Data Protection and Accountability increased from 143 million 448 thousand 360 to 183 million 448 thousand 360 pesos, 40 million more than the local government proposal.
Civil Protection was increased by 5 million pesos, and was left with a budget for 2020 of 145 million 44 thousand 587 pesos.
The decree also provides an increase in the salary of the Councillors in the mayors, from 22 thousand to 35 thousand pesos.
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