translated from Spanish: The Symphony Band of the Third Military Region of Mazatlan is presented

San Ignacio.- The band of the III Military Region i carry out Un flashmob , literally translated from English to Spanish as a lightning crowd is an organized action in which a large group of people suddenly gather in a public place, performs something unusual and l Then it disperses quickly. Thus a valid, non-literal translation of the term would be ‘flash inge-by-mass act’. They are usually convened through computer means (mobile or cellular, and the Internet) and in most cases, they have no purpose other than entertainment.

This event took place yesterday on the esplanade of the municipal palace. In the presence of citizens not accustomed to this event, the orchestra made its presentation with the double passage of entry, Waltz Alejandra, the song of the film of the Lion King, themes of Italian films, among others closing with a medley of songs Mexicans, and finally to please the audience under the stage played El Sinaloense and the run of Mazatlan.In this event was present the secretary of the city council, César Rangel, representing the mayor Ivan Ernesto Báez Martínez.

Symphony Band of the III Military Region of Mazatlan. Source: Yolanda Tenorio

This band tours with their performances, Sinaloa and Durango, states that comprise the region, and is composed of an officer and 38 troop elements. The invitation was also made this Sunday to the family coexistence that is made in the military installations of the III Military Region, this through the 110 infantry battalion installed in San Ignacio.

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