translated from Spanish: Intendencia de Coquimbo prioritizes regional investment projects for Firefighters

The Intendenta de Comquibo, Lucía Pinto, will prioritize projects a series of projects to support the work of the volunteers, through improvements in their working conditions.» The projects we are prioritizing, one involves 12 cistern trucks and another to deliver new equipment for firefighters in the 15 communes. With this, we want to support our volunteer heroes more. They are the ones who risk their lives to save ours, so the least we can do is give them the best equipment,» said Pinto.The cistern cars that will be delivered have a maximum capacity of 12 thousand liters of water, with which they can fight me the accidents, especially in remote locations, while within the implementation with which it is expected to equip the volunteers are counted uniforms, helmets, leather boots, forest gloves, slaves and lanterns, among others.» The Regional Council has always had a vocation and an attitude of support for the Fire Department of our region, so that every request they send us will always be very well received, which, like any project and proposal, will be evaluated by the councillors» IT was the president of the CORE, Adriana Peñafiel, to which he added that «we will evaluate and take knowledge of the project in its time, but it is important that the community and the firefighters know that our willingness will always be directed towards them». Cistern trucks consider an investment of more than $4.2 billion; whereas, by implementation, resources of the order of $2060 million in pesos are estimated, in addition to a contribution from the National Fire Board of $863 million. The institution’s regional president, Cristian Martínez, said, «we need our firefighters to have the best personal protective equipment that can exist on the market, with all international safety standards and that they can provide that guarantee, to be able to attend the fires, with the safety and certainty that they are well covered with these personal protective equipment,» he said.

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