translated from Spanish: The new varieties of beer Volcanoes looking to cool this summer

The permanent innovation is one of the characteristics of Cervezas Volcanes del Sur, first to incorporate flavors into its production process, maintaining the original artisanal recipes with thermal water and a manufacturing process faithful to the artisan tradition.
Three new options are added to its classic varieties – strong lager, premium lager, doppel bock, summer lacuna, bock chocolate, orange chocolate bock- and three new options: unfiltered, IPA and double malt.
Unfiltered volcanoes
This variety honors the ancient method of brewing and fermentation of beer used for more than 6,000 years with the yeast in suspension and its sediments in the background achieves a turbidity characteristic of this style, with a white and creamy foam. A very well balanced soft blonde lager with a medium carbonation.
It is recommended for eating with red and white meats. Spicy foods such as Asian, Mexican or spicy in general.
Ingredients: mineral water, barley, malt, yeast and hops.
Types of hops: hallertau saphir and hallertau perle.
Barley: malted barley.
IBU: 18.4
Alcohol grades: 5.0o GL
Recommended temperature: 4oC
Format: 350cc / 1050cc
Hoppy IPA Volcanoes
This beer rescues a recipe dating back to 1639, when specie ers needed a beer that survived their entire journey. This is how this drink is born with a high alcohol content and a higher amount of hops, medium to light body and with an intense aroma due to the Double Dry Hopping process.
It is recommended to accompany spicy and highly spicy foods, Mexican, Indian or Thai food.
Ingredients: mineral water, malted barley, malted wheat, hops and yeast.
Hop types: Colombian hops, chinook hops, citra hops.
Barley: malted barley malt caramel and wheat malted.
IBU: 47
Alcoholic grades: 6.0 g. GL
Recommended temperature: 8oC.
Format: 350 cc/ 1050 cc
Double Malta Volcanoes
It is amber with an alcoholic strength of 7.5 degrees and a higher percentage of malt, which makes it the strongest beer in the Southern Volcanoes family, maintaining its natural essence.
Recommended to accompany red and white meats, cured or semi-cured cheeses and foods accompanied with chocolate.
Ingredients: mineral water, goes to the shake, yeast and hops. Put some types of hops away.
Types of hops: hallertau saphir and hallertau perle
Barley: malted barley, caramel malt and malt toasted.
IBU: 15.8
Alcohol grades: 7.5 GL
Recommended temperature: 6oC.
Format: 350 cc/ 1050 cc

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