translated from Spanish: A “co-cornerer” in the vote for the president of the ECHR

Morelia, Michoacán.- The Congress of Michoacán accounted for the null transparency in voting to public office, and the distribution of posts by political agreements.
During the selection for the chair of the commission on human rights of the entity, the “cochinero” within the executive branch was evident, with the display of agreements between parliamentary fractions to hand out charges, an inflated vote and an apparent attempted fraud.
The first vote ended “scrapped” by a bloc made up of some panists, a pair of priists and parliamentary representation, who stood firm in voting against Elvia Higuera Pérez; it was learned from the statement of the representative coordinator, Wilma Zavala Ramírez, that the agreement had already been made in favour of the activist and that a couple of deputies from the Political Coordination Board (JUCOPO) minimised the legislators independents, which is why they decided to go against the agreement.
The vote had to be repeated, according to the law, it takes two third of the votes in favor (27), a number that he did not give to Higuera Pérez, since he drew 24 votes in favor, Marco Antonio Tinoco Alvarez 13 and Luis Ventura de la Rosa 2.
From there there there were even more tensions; after a recess of more than an hour a second vote was held, which yielded a total of 44 votes, that is, the ballot box was inflated with 4 votes, leaving as follows:
– Luis Ventura: 8
– Marco Tinoco: 12
– Elvia Higuera: 24
The chairman of the Board of Directors before singing the results, making it clear that there were extra votes, preferred to give a break and came down from the Bureau
At that moment everything exploded: Yarabí Avila González demanded that the results be read before going to recess, a voice in the background told him to hold the votes but the Secretary of Parliamentary Services, Beatriz Barrientos tried to prevent him, both of them are joking the and the victorious was the priist.
The mixed block against the pigeon by Morena, climbed into the rostrum to the cry of “fraud” demanding that the whole process be annulled and repeated from scratch, when a new terna was presented.
So far the session continues to be stopped and the dimes and addresses continue to occur between fractions.

Original source in Spanish

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