translated from Spanish: “Sadistic” stepfather forces child to kneel for 9 hours

Russia.- A stepfather has been accused of forcing his eight-year-old stepson to kneel for hours on a stack of buckwheat seeds, causing them to take root. Sergey Kazakov, 35, forced the boy to kneel on buckwheat for up to nine hours in a row, told a court in Russia.The cruel punishment was approved by the boy’s mother and caused the grain seeds to take root on his bloody knees, the reports say. The seeds had to be surgically removed under general anesthesia at a omsk hospital.A distressing video revealed by detectives shows how Kazakov kicked the child and pulled his hair, police say.

A Russian step father has allegedly punished his step are by starving him for four days and asking him to kneel on a pile of buckwheat (grain-like seeds) which took root in his knee. According to reports, 35-year-old Sergey Kazakov (…) – TheWhistler — The Whistler NG (@TheWhistlerNG)
December 16, 2019

The kneeling child is heard crying “hurts” while his sadistic stepfather kicks him. His ordeal came to light when the young man fled the family home and pleaded for help with a neighbor. He called the doctors because of the horrific wounds in the child’s bloodied knees. The unidentified child’s mother claimed that she and Kazakov found this form of punishment online and inflicted it on the child after she was late at school and played outside. The couple also starved the child for up to four days in a row, state researchers say. Kazakov is accused of recording his “torture” in a newspaper. He was previously arrested and his wife was unable to leave his home pending a criminal investigation. After a month in the hospital, the child has been returned to his care, Russian reports say. This was despite the boy pleading with his nurse at the hospital: “Will you send me to live in a good family now?”

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