translated from Spanish: College of Providence charges 400 thousand pesos for negative score

During the morning With you in La Mañana, a proxy at United College, Providence, filed a report, assuring that the establishment charges $400,000 pesos for negative scoring. It was the same director of the school, Marco Mendez, who confirmed the situation. «This is part of the school’s rules of procedure, it’s not something we came up with now, it’s been about four, five years. There’s also a bonus and a prize for the disciplinary issue, it’s not just one side,» he said. The response generated various reactions on the panel, including that of Monserrat Alvarez, who questioned the measure. «The issue of education is not only what is taught to children as a subject, but also a theme of values. Doesn’t it seem to you that education is being undermined by putting it as a monetary issue? Don’t you mind this?» the cheerleader asked. To which the principal replied: «The valuable work is something that is done day by day in the work with the students, where the entire educational community works…», he replied. However, Monserrat Alvarez continued his critique and returned to the question. «But don’t get the question. Really, you as a director, do you agree to pass these values on to children?» To this, the authority of the establishment replied: «If I give something as a prize I do not know if it would be questioned. (…) there are some parents who give their kids a gift in the end when they’re good … is that wrong?), he replied.

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