translated from Spanish: Government asks Superintendency of Education to investigate additional charges taken by negative student ennotes

Education Minister Marcela Cubillos announced that they have asked the Superintendency to investigate the denunciation of a proxy group to United College in Providence, an educational institution accused of collecting r 400 thousand pesos for an «undisciplinary surcharge» to students who recorded negative scores for misconduct during the year. .
«If the moms, parents or adult in charge did not pay that amount, they were threatened that they will not be able to enroll them by 2020,» the owners of the particular establishment argued.
With regard to this controversial situation, in conversation with the morning la Mañana of Chilevisión, the director of the school, Marco Méndez, noted that everything was «legal».
«This is part of the school’s rules of procedure, it’s not something we came up with now, it’s been about four, five years,» he explained.
In return, Mendez stated that «the school gives significant discounts to students who have impeccable, unimpeachable behavior», but that «those students who interrupt classes and learning are given a refundable surcharge».
«If the student has appropriate behavior next year, the student is returned,» he added.

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